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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of join in Hausa

    verb /dʒɔɪn/
    1. Haɗe
    2. Shiga cikin wasu safgogi

    Example of join in a sentence
    1. Haɗe
    2. Kaduna state government aims to join the two sections of the town together. gwamnatin jihar Kaduna nada burin haɗe ɓangarori biyu na garin tare.

      Sabon Gari and Zaria local governments were joined together by a bridge. an haɗe ƙananun hukumomin Sabon gari da Zaria ta hanyar gina gada.

      Babies were born joined at the head. an haifo yaran ne kansu a manne.

    3. Shiga cikin wasu safgogi
    4. My brother joined Army three years ago. ɗan uwana ya shiga aikin soja shekaru uku da suka gabata.

      Do you mind if your sister joined army? zaka damu idan ƙanwarka ta shiga aikin soja?

      He remained silence, unable to join the conversation. yayi shiru ba tare da tsoma baki a cikin maganar ba.

      He joined his brother as a business man. ya bi sahun ɗan uwan shi a matsayin ɗan kasuwa.

      The security in the bank asked everybody to join the queue. jami'in tsaron bankin ya buƙaci kowa ya hau kan layi.

      Nobody join the students in the demonstration. babu wanda ya bi sahun ɗaliban gurin yin zanga zanga.

      Chadian troops have joined with Nigerian soldiers to eradicate terrorism in their regions. dakarun ƙasar Chadi sun haɗu da dakarun Nigeria domin kawar da ta'addanci daga yankin su. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

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    Aika Zuwa


    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved