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    English Hausa Dictionary

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    Definition of yanayi in English

    climate, way, situation, weather, condition, circumstances, seasons, nature

    Example of yanayi in a sentence
    Suna buƙatan su matsa zuwa guri mai yanayin da yake da ɗumi. They wanted to move to a warmer climate.

    Yanayin arewacin Nigeria yana iya sa wake da timatir suyi kyau. Northern Nigerian climate is good for growing beans and tomatoes.

    Yanayin Zaria yana yin sanyi a watan Janairu. Zaria climate is cooler in January.

    A duk tsawan tarihi, sauyi a yanayin duniya ya sanya halittu sauya siffa. Throughout history, changes in the earth's climate caused living things to adapted.

    Idan 'yan arewa suka je kudu, zasu fuskanci ɗan sauyin yanayi. If northerners go to southern Nigeria, they may notice a slight changes of climate.

    Mara lafiyan yana cikin wani mummunan yanayi. The patient is in difficult situation.

    Yanayin da tattalin arziki yake ciki. The economic situation.

    Mutuwan mahaifana ya sa ni cikin mummunan yanayi. Death of my parents put me in a difficult situation.

    'Zaka iya kashe mutum?' 'ya danganta ga halin' "Can you slay person?" "It would depend on the situation."

    Ta bar uwarta a cikin munmunan yanayi. She abandoned her mother in a terrible condition.

    Sannu a hankali yanayin lafiyar mahaifiyarta yana ingantuwa. Her mother's health condition is improving gradually.

    Shugaban ƙasar ya mutu a wani yanayi da ake zargi. The President died in suspicious circumstances. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

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    Aika Zuwa


    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved