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    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of accord in Hausa

    noun /əˈkɔːd/
    1. Yarjeniya
    2. Of your own accord: gaban kai (wato aikata abu don kanka ba tare da wani ya saka ba)

    Example of accord in a sentence
    1. Yarjejeniya
    2. An accord banning selling ammunition to terrorists. yarjejeniyar da aka ƙulla ta hana siyarwa da 'yan ta'adda albarusai.

      Accord between government and rebels ended the civil war in the country. yarjejeniya tsakanin gwamnati da 'yan tawaye ta kawo ƙarken yaƙin basasa a ƙasar.

      Army and air force approved an accord to cooperate in the fight against terrorism. sojojin ƙasa dana sama sun ƙulla yarjejeniyar yin aiki tare domin yaƙi da ta'addanci.

      The accord between Nigeria and Chad. yarjejeniyar dake tsakanin Nigeria da ƙasar Chadi.

      The network provider is in accord with bank. kanfanin samar da layukan wayan ya ƙulla yarjejeniya da banki.

      The two sides signed a peace accord last July. ɓangarorin biyu sun sanya hannu akan yarjejeniyar zaman lafiya a watan yulin daya gabata.

    3. Yin gaban kai
    4. He came back of his own accord. ya dawo don raɗin kansa.

      The symptoms will clear up of their own accord.alamomin ciwon zasu magance kansu da kansu.

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    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved