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All right reserved. No part of this website permitted to copy and pasted to other websites or reproduced and published either online or offline as printed book. Distribution of this website as mobile or pc application is also forbidden.

Creating a comprehensive dictionary is not as easy as some people assumed. I've spent several sleepless months prior to, in creating of and after created this dictionary in order to make it as accurate as it is. But the most irritating part is the way i realized some websites now copy and paste my contents overnight to their online dictionaries websites without seeking permission, despite all the copy right notices i left behind, instead of just doing their own. Haba jama'a, a rika tausayawa mana.

We're manually navigating the internet and through copy/paste search engines. Therefore, we strongly request such websites to removed our contents from their websites or else shortly we'll trace them and begin reporting them to their hosting companies.

Likewise, any mobile application, PC software, PDF files or similar of these items we found on store or website reflecting our dictionaries we'll immediately report that application to both your store and your payment processor or ads network.

Search engines will not be left behind, we'll report your website to google and bing search engines for copyright violation and once they confirmed your website may be de-index from search engines. So don't waste your time copying this website, it will be nice to write your own.

Obviously, copy and paste doers are SEO ignorants, such contents appeared not being indexed in search engines. Even if you're lucky the contents appeared in search engines, your contents might not be ranked higher because the original contents (the ones published first) were regarded with high superiority. Also too much copy and paste may result your website to be blacklisted in search engines.

We shall not focused merely on online activities. Although it is hardly to put eyes on books publication; but is it important to realize copyright infringement is an offence. How will you feel if you published a book and thereafter you find out someone republished that book and claimed ownership? I know you will not be happy, so don't do it to others.

Aika Zuwa

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