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    English Hausa Dictionary

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    Definition of a k'arke in English

    a k'arke
    in the end, eventually, ultimately, finally

    Example of a k'arke in a sentence
    Yana sa ran zai samu aiki a kamfanin siminti, amma a ƙarke sai yake aiki a fanni ilimi. He hopes to get a job in cement factory, but he eventually work in academia.

    Taci zalin abokiyar karatunta na firamari alokuta da dama, sai dai a ƙarke ta dawo tana nadamar yi mata haka. She bully her classmate on several occasions in primary school, and eventually she regretted it.

    Bayan abokanen karatunta sun ɗauki kwanaki suna gallaza mata, a ƙarke dai ta kashe kanta. After days of excessive bully from her classmates, the victim eventually committed suicide.

    Bayan shekaru yana yin aiki tuƙuru, a ƙarke dai yayi nasara. After years of hard work, he eventually success.

    Kada ka yanke ƙauna a rayuwa, kaci gaba da ƙoƙartawa kuma a ƙarke zaka yi nasara. Don't ever give up in life, keep trying and you'll success eventually.

    Budurwar yarinya a ƙarke zata tsufa kuma zata daina ɗaukan hankalin jama'a. A young girl will ultimately become old and unattractive.

    Matakin nashi a ƙarke ya samu nasara. His action was ultimately successful.

    A ƙarke na yanke shawarar wallafa ƙamusu na. Finally, i decided to published my dictionary.

    A ƙarke mun yanke shawarar yin tafiya tare. We finally decided to travel together.

    A ƙarke dai ta gudu
    lokacin data hango mazaje biyu suna dosowa.
    She finally ran away when she sighted two men coming towards. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

    The website/app provide definition of any existing English or Hausa word and phrase.

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    We included hausa descriptions of complex and ambiguous definitions

    We specified British Audio and IPA pronunciation of any English word for those wishing to know how to pronounce a particular word.

    We provide English & Hausa bilingual usage sentences, description images, audio pronunciations of all Hausa words, pluralization of Hausa words, and origins of Hausa words derived from Arabic or English.

    However this website came along with English to Hausa learning resources designed specifically for native Hausa wishing to learn English as second language.

    Scientific words, medical words, geology, geography, biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, literature, computing, psychology and linguistics words were included and precisely translated to Hausa.

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    Aika Zuwa


    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved