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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of value in Hausa

    noun, verb /ˈvæl.juː/
    1. Darajan da abu yake dashi idan za'a siyar sashi.
    2. Muhinmancin da abu yake dashi
    3. Fayyace darajar da abu zai kai idan za'a siyar dashi.
    4. Ɗaukan abu da muhimmanci.

    Example of value in a sentence
    1. Darajan abu idan za'a siyar
    2. He's bankrupt and had already sold everything of value that he possessed. gabaki ɗaya kuɗaɗen ajiyar shi na banki sun ƙare kuma ya riga ya siyar da duk wani abu da zai iya siyarwa daya mallaka.

      I don't know the value of that computer. ban san kuɗin da wannan na'urar zata kai ba idan za'a siyar da ita.

      The value of the Naira fell against dolla. darajar naira ya faɗi idan aka kwatanta da dala.

      Values of oil have fallen since Monday. darajar mai yayi ƙasa tin ranar litinin.

      His website has been valued at over two million naira. an kimanta darajan shafinsa a matsayin sama da naira miliyan biyu.

    3. Muhimmancin da abu yake dashi.
    4. The value of regular exercise couldn't be underestimated. muhimmancin atisaye akai akai bazai ƙiyastu ba.

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    © Copyright 2014-2020 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved