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Short Answers

Giving a replay to a question by just saying 'yes, i do' or 'no, i don't' is more polite than just saying 'yes' or 'no'. That's why short answers are more common in formal English.

First word of a sentence is required to form a short answer, also contractions isn't required in affirmative answers (e.g he does). But contractions are required in negative answers (e.g. he doesn't)

Short answer yana nufin gajeruwar amsa.

Cewa, "Yes, i do" ko "No, i don't wajen bayar da amsa yafi nuna girmamawa a maimakon cewa "Yes" ko "No" kawai. Wannan shi yasa akafi yin anfani da short answers a turancin Englishi.

Domin samar da gajeruwar amsa, ana buƙatar kayi anfani da kalmar farko ne na tambayar.

Ana buƙatar kayi anfani da cikakkiyar kalma wacce ba'a taƙaita ba domin bayar da affirmative answer (wato amsar dake gasgata magana) misali: "he does"

Amma ana buƙatar taƙaita kalma gurin bayarda negative answer (wato amsar da take musantawa), misali 'he doesn't'


QuestionsAffirmative AnswersNegative Answers
Do we know Zulaihat?Yes, we do No, we don't
Can Zulaihat ride a bike?Yes, she can No, she can't
Have they destroy the building?Yes, they have No, they haven't
Is he thirsty?Yes, he is No, he isn't

'You' is generally change to 'I' provided it comes as the subject of the question.

Idan "you" shine "subject" na wannan tambayar, ana buƙatar ka canza "you" zuwa "i" ko "we"


QuestionAffirmative AnswersNegative Answers
Do you know Zulaihat?'Yes, i do' ko 'Yes we do''No i don't' ko 'no we don't'

Sometimes 'are' is change to 'am' if the question begin with 'are you'

Idan tambayar ta fara da "are you", a wasu lokutan ana buƙatar a canza "are" zuwa "am".
QuestionsAffirmative AnswersNegative Answers
Are you hungry?Yes, i amNo, i'm not

But the affirmative is different if the subject is plural

Question Affirmative AnswersNegative Answers
Are you hungry? Yes, we areNo, we aren't

Aika Zuwa



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