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    Definition of subside in Hausa

    verb /səbˈsaɪd/ lafa, rage, natsu, sarara

    Example of subside in a sentence
    She intended to talk to him but she realized that he's angry, so she waited for his anger to subside. tayi ƙudurin ta yi mashi magana amma sai ta fahimci yana cikin fushi, don haka sai ta tsaya har sai hankalin shi ya kwanta

    We continued our discussion when the noise subsided. Mun ci gaba da firar mu lokacin da hayaniyar ta lafa

    Someone knocked my head accidentally but the pain gradually subsided. wani ya daki kaina bisa kuskure amma raɗaɗin ya fara lafawa sannu a hankali.

    We waited until the laughter had subsided before be initiated the discussion. mun tsaya har sai bayan da aka rage yin dariyan kafin mu fara tattaunawar.

    The rain may soon be subsided. ruwan saman zai sarara bada jimawa ba.

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    © Copyright 2014-2019 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved