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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

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    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of squint in Hausa

    verb /skwɪnt/
    1. Kallon abu idon ka yana ɗan rufe (mai yiwuwa abun da kake kallon yana da haske ne sosai)
    2. Harara garke (kasancewa zaka iya juya idanuwanka su kalli wani guri daban ba tare daka juya kai ba)

    Example of squint in a sentence
    1. Kallon abu idon ka yana ɗan rufe
    2. He squint into the sun. ya ɗan kalli rana.

      When someone knocked at the door, she squint through the spyhole to see who was there. lokacin da wani ya ƙwanƙwasa ƙofa, sai matar ta leƙa domin ganin wanene a gurin.

      He squinted at the phone in his hand. ya ɗan kalli wayar da take hannun sa.

      The taxi driver had to squint against the sun to see where he was going. ya zama dole direban taxin ya zura ido cikin rana domin ganin gurin daya ke dosa.

      She had to squint her eyes to see clearly as the sun shine straight in her eyes. dole sai ta ɗan rufe idanunta kafin ta iya gani sosai domin rana tana haska idanun ta.

    3. Harara garke
    4. One of her eye squints a little. ɗaya daga cikin idanun ta yana yin kallon harara garke.

      His squinting eye has been corrected by surgery. an gyara idanun shi da yake kallon harara garke ta hanyar fiɗa.

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    © Copyright 2014-2019 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved