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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of squash in Hausa

    verb & noun /skwɒʃ/
    1. Matse, latse ko tattake abu har sai yayi taushi ko ya lalace. A kuma duba gurin crush
    2. Maƙure
    3. Kawo ƙarken lamari. A kuma duba gurin quash
    4. Wasa wanda mutane biyu ko huɗu suke bugawa a gurin da aka kewaye
    5. Lemun kwalba
    6. Kabewa.

    Example of squash in a sentence

    1. Latse ko tattake
    2. I mistakenly squashed the mangos i bought. na latse mangwaron dana sayo bisa kuskure.

      Don't go further or else you'll squash that tomatoes. kada ka ƙariso idan ba haka ba to zaka take waɗannan timatirin.

      He squashed his body against her. ya matse jikin shi a jikin ta

      The factory squash cartons flat before recycling. kanfanin yana lollotse kwalayen kafin ya sake sarrafa su.

    3. Maƙure
    4. Seven criminals has been arrested and squashed into the back of a car. an kame mujrimai bakwai sannan aka maƙure su a but ɗin mota.

      Do you know how many criminals are they going to squash into this car? shin ko ka san mujrimai nawa ne za'a maƙure a cikin wannan motar?

      The parents squashed there little daughter between the door and the chair. iyayen sun maƙure ƙaramar 'yar su a tsakanin ƙofa da kujera.

      There were hundred of prisoners in single room, squashed together like chickens. akwai ɗaruruwan firsinoni a cikin ɗaki guda, an maƙure su tare sai kace kaji.

    5. Kawo ƙarke
    6. Speculation of a possible takeover of the country by military was squashed by the generals. manyan jami'an sojin sun ƙaryata jita jita cewa akwai yiwuwar sojoji zasu karɓe iko da ƙasar.

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    © Copyright 2014-2019 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved