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    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of kill in Hausa

    verb /kɪl/
    1. Kashe abu mai rai
    2. Dakatar da abu

    noun /kɪl/
    3. Kisa

    Example of kill in a sentence
    1. Kashe abu mai rai
    2. Many people were killed in Abuja bomb blast. mutane da dama sun mutu a fashewar nakiyar Abuja.

      The deceased killed himself with sleeping pills. mamacin ya kashe kansa da maganin barci.

      Smoking can certainly kill. babu shakka shan taba sigari zai iya kashe mutum.

      Make sure you boiled the water for ten minutes to kill harmful bacteria. ka tabbata ka tafasa ruwan na tsawan mintuna goma domin kashe ƙwayoyin bacteria masu cutarwa.

    3. Dakatar da abu
    4. Gossiping can kill friendship and trust. gulma tana kawo ƙarken abota da kuma yarda.

      Some tablets can kill the side effects of some drugs. wasu ƙwayoyin magani zasu iya kashe matsalolin da magani ya haifar.

    5. Kisa
    6. The leopard made two kill in a day. damusar tayi kisa biyu a rana.

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