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    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of impoverishment in Hausa

    noun /ɪmˈpɒvrɪʃmənt/
    1. Talaucewa
    2. Rage inganci

    Example of impoverishment in a sentence
    1. Talauci
    2. The protest which was hijacked by Hoodlums has reduced many shop owners to impoverishment after their businesses was looted. zanga zangar wacce 'yan daba suka ƙarɓe ragamar ta tayi sanadiyyar talaucewar masu shaguna da yawa bayan an wawushe guraren kasuwancin su.

      Years of civil war in Syria result in impoverishment of millions. shekaru da aka ɗauka ana yin yaƙi a ƙasar Sham yayi sanadiyyar talaucewar miliyoyin mutane.

    3. Rage inganci
    4. Excessive smoking can cause impoverishment of the lungs. yawan busa hayaƙi zai iya sanadin raunana aikace aikacen hunhu.

      British colony is what caused cultural impoverishment in Nigeria. mulkin mallakar Birtaniya shine yayi sanadin raunana al'adu a Nigeria. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

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    However this website came along with English to Hausa learning resources designed specifically for native Hausa wishing to learn English as second language.

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    Aika Zuwa


    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved