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    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of impoverish in Hausa

    verb /ɪmˈpɒvrɪʃ/
    1. Talautar da
    2. Raunana ingancin abu

    Example of impoverish in a sentence
    1. Talautar da
    2. Heavy taxes on poor people can definitely impoverish the vulnerable. haraji mai yawa akan talakawa babu shakka zai ƙara talauta talakawa ne.

      His wife consider his plan to marry second wife as nothing but an attempt to impoverished his family. matar shi tana yiwa shirin shi na auran mata ta biyu kallon wani yunƙuri na sanya iyalan shi cikin matsin rayuwa.

    3. Raunana inganci
    4. Human flesh was designed in a way that can be impoverished overtime. an halitta fatar mutum ce a yanayin da ingancinta zai ragu daga bisani.

      Sallah festival would be impoverished by the absence of Daushe festivity. shagalin sallah zai dusashe idan aka daina yin hawan daushe. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

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    Aika Zuwa


    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved