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    Definition of tabbatar in English

    confirm, assure, ascertain, prove, ensure, attest, assert, affirm

    Example of tabbatar in a sentence
    Daga baya an tabbatar da jita jitar da ake yaɗawa akan rasuwar Shugaba Buhari a matsayin ta ƙarya. Rumours of President Buhari death were later confirmed as fallacious.

    Shin ka tabbatar cewa an saki sakamakon? Have you confirmed that the result was released?

    Ko zaka iya tabbatar da sakamakon? Can you confirm the result?.

    An tabbatar mana da cewa 'yan sanda sun kama shugaban ƙungiyar. We were assured that police arrested the group leader.

    Mun tabbatar masa da goyon bayan mu. We assured him of our support.

    Zai yi wahala ka tabbatar wa zai yi nasara a gasar. It can be difficult to ascertain who will win the race.

    Muna ƙoƙarin tabbatar da haƙiƙanin abun dake janyo rikice rikice a kudancin jihar Kaduna. We're trying to ascertain what really causes violences in Southern Kaduna.

    Ko zaka iya tabbatar da yaran zai iya magana? Could you ascertain whether the boy can spoke?

    Gano bindiga a gidansa ya tabbatar da aikata laifinsa. Discovering gun in his House proved his criminality.

    'Yan sanda sun kasa tabbatar da laifinsa. Police were unable to prove his guilty.

    Me take son tabbatarwa? What does she want to prove?

    A tabbatar kowane ma'aikaci ya samu albashin sa. Ensure that any employee has receive his salary.

    'Yan Nigeria da yawa ne suka kwarara akan tituna domin tabbatar da goyon bayan su akan aikawa da dakaru ƙasar waje. Many Nigerians spread on the streets to attest their support for sending troops abroad.

    Galibi ana tabbatar da cewa yarbawa su suka fi ilimi a Nigeria. It is commonly asserted that Yoruba are the most educated in Nigeria.

    Ta tabbatar da cewa ta kashe mijinta. She asserted that she killed her husband.

    Zaka iya tabbatar da cewa babu kuskure a rubuce rubucen ka? Can you affirm that your writings is error free?.

    Zan iya tabbatar da cewa maganata gaskiya ce. I can affirm that my statement is true. is an online/offline English to Hausa And Hausa to English comprehensive bilingual Dictionary (or Kamus in Hausa) containing thousands of British and American English words/phrases and Abbreviations.

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    © Copyright 2014-2021 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved