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    Definition of na in English

    na 1. Used in a questions or answers to show possession.
    2. (pronoun) I, me, my

    1. Used in a questions or answers to show possession
    2. Na nawa ne wannan? 'na Naira ishirin ne' How much is it? 'it cost twenty Naira'
    3. (pronoun) I, me, my

    4. Na same shi yana kwance a gado. i found him lying on the bed.

      Na sayar da gidan ba tare da shawartan kowa ba. i sold the house without consulting anyone.

      Na sake auro mata ta biyu. i remarried second wife.

      Ɗana ya haihu. my son beget a child.

      Babur ɗina ya daina aiki. my motorcycle is no longer work.

      A ina ka taɓa gani na? where have you ever see me?

      Gida na ƙarami ne. my apartment is small.

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    © Copyright 2014-2019 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved