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    English Hausa Dictionary

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    Definition of danganta in English

    associate, relate, depend

    Example of danganta in a sentence

    Bana so ana danganta ni da waɗancan mutanen. I don't like to be associated with those people.

    Mafi yawancin 'yan Nigeria suna danganta rigingimun addini da talauci. Most Nigerian associate religious violence with poverty.

    Ana danganta shi da ɗabi'u na girman kai. He has been associated with some arrogance attitudes.

    Tana cikin murna yanzu da aka danganta sunanta da waɗanda suka ƙirƙiro abun. She's now happy that her name was associated with the inventions.

    Masu sharhi na ƙoƙarin
    danganta koma bayan Hausawa da rashin ilimi.
    Observers tried to relate Hausas setback with illiteracy.

    Yawan waƙoƙin da zaka zuba a katin naɗan bayanai ya danganta ne ga girman shi. The number of music you can store on the sd card depends on its capacity.

    Zan siya sabo ko tsohuwar waya a wata na gaba - ya danganta idan na samu cikakken albashi ko akasin haka. I will buy new or second hand mobile phone next month - it depends if i received my salary in full.

    Ƙarfin da kake dashi na koran ma'aikata ya danganta ne ga matsayinka a kanfani. Whether or not you can sack a staff depends on your position in the

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