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    Definition of d'ari d'ari in English

    d'ari d'ari
    reluctant, hesitation, reluctance

    Example of d'ari d'ari in a sentence
    Yana ɗari ɗarin shiga jama'a. He's reluctant to socialize.

    Tana ɗari ɗarin amincewa cewa tayi kuskure. She was reluctant to admit she was wrong.

    Ta samu nasarar sauya mashi ra'ayi saboda yana ɗari ɗarin zama ɗan kasuwa. She managed to changed his mind as he's reluctant to become entrepreneur.

    Ina ɗari ɗarin barin karatun jami'a saboda rashin tabbas na rayuwa. I was reluctant to dropout of university due to life uncertainties.

    Har yanzu akwai ɗari ɗari a zukatan mazauna Maiduguri da su koma aikace aikacen yau da kullum. There is still some reluctance in the minds of Maiduguri residents to take part in daily activities.

    Ɗari ɗarin da mutune ke nunawa gurin shiga aikin soja zai iya janyo matsaloli ga ƙasar. People reluctance to join army may cause problems to the country.

    Yana ɗari ɗsrin zama magidanci saboda bai tsayu ba tukunna. He's reluctance to raised family because he's not financially ready.

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