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    Definition of a lokacin da in English

    a lokacin da
    a lokacin da
    during, while, meanwhile

    Example of a lokacin da in a sentence
    Ya fita waje a lokacin da bani nan. He went out during my absent.

    Na ganta sau É—aya ne kawai a lokacin da nake zaune a Kano. I only saw her once during my stay in Kano.

    Ina shiga duniyar gizo na tsawan sa'o'i goma sha biyu a rana, a lokacin da matata kuma take kula da yara. I browse the internet 12 hours a day meanwhile my wife take care of the kids.

    Gwamnatin tarayya tana biyan ma'aikatan tarayya, a lokacin da kuma gwamnatin jiha ke biyan ma'aikatan jiha. Federal government pays federal workers meanwhile state government pays state workers.

    Mun gan shi a lokacin da muke karatu. We saw him while we were reading.

    Jihar Kano itace tafi yawan jama'a a Nigeria a lokacin da Jihar Kaduna itace Jiha ta Uku a yawan jama'a a Nigeria. Kano state has the largest population in Nigeria while Kaduna is the third largest state by population in Nigeria.

    a sa'ilin da

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