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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of a in English

    a preposition /a/
    1. The first letter of the Hausa alphabet.
    2. Exclamation of surprise.
    3. On, in, at.
    4. Where?, why?, how?
    5. An order or instruction given to person

    1. An exclamation of suprise
    2. a! Ku zo kuga abin mamaki. wow! Come and see wonder
    3. At, on, in.
    4. Aje littafin a kan tebur. drop the book on the table.

      Yana karatu a jami'a. He's study in university.

      Bani da waya a wannan lokacin. i don't have mobile phone at the moment.

      Ina kwana ne a ɗaki na. I used to sleep in my apartment

      Mutane a Naijeriya galibi suna mutuwa ne a shekarunsu na sittin ko saba'in. people in Nigeria usually die at the age of sixty or seventy.

    5. Where?, why?, how?
    6. A ina kake kwana? where do you used to sleep?

      A ina ka same shi? where did you found him?

      A saboda me zaka shigo mini ɗaki ba tare da izini ba? Why will you enter my room without permission?

      A ya ka ganshi? how did you saw him?

    7. An order or instruction given to person.

    8. A barshi yazo da kansa. let him come on his own.

      A bani ruwan sha. Give me drinking water.

      Ina so a dawo mini da kuɗaɗe na duka. i need a full refund.

    9. More examples
    10. an gama wasa. The game is over.

      An dawo da akuyoyin gida. The goats were brought back to home.

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