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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

    English to Hausa Words list


    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of hang in Hausa

    verb /hæŋ/
    1. Rataye, rataya
    2. Liƙa takadda a jikin bango
    3. Shaƙe mutum har sai ya mutu
    4. Tsayawa a iska
    5. Ɗaukan tsawan lokaci kana shaƙatawa da wani
    6. Daina aiki da na'ura take yi
    7. Get the hang of sth: koyon yadda zaka yi abu

    Example of hang in a sentence
    1. Rataye, rataya
    2. Gold necklace is expensive, that's why you hardly see someone hung it around his/her neck. sarƙa ta zinari tana da tsada, shi yasa zai wahala ka sami wani ko wata ta sa a wuyar ta.

      He left his trousers hanging dowm from the rope. ya rataye rigar shi tana lilo a jikin igiya.

    3. Shaƙe mutum har sai ya mutu
    4. The mass murderer who killed nine people was sentenced to death and hanged by police. an yankewa mai kisan kan hukuncin kisa kuma 'yan sanda sun rataye shi. (sun shaƙe shi har sai daya mutu)

      Hopeless motivated him to hanged himself on a ceiling fan. yanke ƙauna ya sanya shi ya kashe kanshi ta hanyar rataye kanshi a jikin fankan sama.

    5. Tsayawa a iska
    6. The paper hang in the air for a while. takaddar ta tsaya a cikin iska na tsawan lokaci.

      Smoke of the burning houses hung above the town. akwai hayaƙin gidajen dake ƙonewa a saman garin.

    7. Ɗaukan lokaci kana shaƙatawa da wani
    8. She spent two days hanging with her boyfriend. ta kwashe kwanaki biyu tana yawo da saurayinta.

      She and her boyfriend hang in hotel. a cikin hotel ne suke shaƙatawa ita da saurayinta.

    9. Daina aiki da na'ura take yi
    10. The update caused the phone to hang. update da aka yi yasa wayar ta ƙage.
    11. Koyan yadda zaka yi abu
    12. "I haven't used IPhone in my life." "Don't worry - you'll soon get the hang of it in few days." "Ban taɓa yin anfani da wayar Iphone ba a rayuwata" - "Kada ka damu zaka koyi yadda ake yin anfani da ita cikin 'yan kwanaki".

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