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    Definition of graze in Hausa

    verb /ɡreɪz/
    1. Cin ciyawar da take fitowa a wani fili
    2. Zuba dabbobi a guri mai ciyawa domin su cinye ciyayin dake gurin
    3. Ƙuje (samun rauni sakamakon goge jiki)
    4. Cin abinci kaɗan kaɗan a lokuta daban daban maimakon cinyewa lokaci ɗaya
    5. noun /ɡreɪz/ Ƙurjewa

    Example of graze in a sentence
    1. Cinye ciyawa
    2. The herdsman allowed his cows grazing beside my farm. makiyayin ya bar shanun shi suna kiwo kusa da gona ta.

      The Fulani's cows were grazing on the my farm's grass. shanun fulani suna yin kiwo a ciyayin gona ta.

      My farm had been grazed by sheep. tumaki sun cinye ciyayi/shukan gona ta.

    3. Ƙuje
    4. She snatched my phone and ran away, i ran after her but I fell and grazed my knees. ta fisge wayata ta gudu, na bita da gudu amma sai na faɗi na ƙuje gwiwowi na.

      She grazed her arm in an attempt to climb over the wall. ta samu rauni a hannun ta lokacin da take ƙoƙarin haura katanga.

    5. Cin abinci kaɗan kaɗan
    6. Grazing is a known habit among children. janjani ɗabi'a ce da aka sani tsakanin yara.

      Soldiers in battle fields preferred to graze over eating once. sojojin dake fagen daga sun zaɓi su riƙa cin abinci kaɗan kaɗan a maimakon ci a lokaci guda.

      Grazing has been adopted by soldiers as the way of eating. sojoji sun rungumi ɗabi'ar cin abinci kaɗan kaɗan.

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    © Copyright 2014-2020 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved