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    Definition of evenly in Hausa

    adverb /ˈiːvnli/
    1. A yanayin da aka saba
    2. Dai dai, dai dai gwargwado

    Example of evenly in a sentence
    I was surprised to know the concrete covers the floor evenly. nayi mamakin ganin simintin ya sumulce ko ina.

    He is no speaking evenly as result of paralysis. maganar shi bata fita sosai saboda shanyewar ɓarin jiki.

    Evenly cooked meat contains alot of nutrients. naman da aka dafa shi dai dai gwargwado yana ƙunshe da sinadaran gina jiki sosai.

    Birthday cakes were arranged evenly on the tables. an jera cake na yin bikin maulidi dai dai akan teburan.

    Police brutality occurs evenly between the northern and southern parts of the country. cin zalin da 'yan sanda suke yi a kudanci da arewacin ƙasar duk ɗaya ne.

    Senators opinions on the matter is evenly. ra'ayoyin sanatoci akan lamarin yazo ɗaya.

    Aika Zuwa

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