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    Hausa to English Words list


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    Definition of desperately in Hausa

    adverb /ˈdesprətli/
    1. Matuƙa
    2. Yin abu komai hatsarin shi saboda kana son shi

    Example of desperately in a sentence
    1. Matuƙa
    2. He's unemployed and desperately depressed. bashi da aikin yi kuma ya faɗa cikin matsanancin baƙin ciki.

      Hardened criminals are desperately looking for a slight opportunity to loot. gawurtattun masu aikata manyan laifuka suna neman kowacce irin damar yin sata.

      He was desperately engaged in his work. ya matuƙar mayar da hankali akan aikin shi.

    3. Yin abu komai hatsarin shi saboda kana son shi
    4. They protest desperately for their rights. suna yin zanga zanga domin neman haƙƙin su duk da hatsarin da zanga zangar take dashi.

      Police tried desperately to rescue the hostages. 'yan sanda sun yi kasadar kuɓutar da waɗanda aka yi garkuwar dasu.

      A leopard had broken loose but someone tried desperately to catch it. damisa ta kunce amma wani yayi gangancin kama shi.

      Starvation has left people desperately scavenging for food. yunwa ya sa mutane roran abinci.

      Many people wanted to join army desperately. yawancin mutane suna mutuwan san shiga aikin soja.

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