You can download different types of apps particularly android apps developed by from this page. With the exclusion of dictionaries apps, None of our app contain advertisement Our apps consume less resouces and work 100% offline and free. Kindly let us know if you have any bug or feedback so that we can improved in our next version.

Hausa Android Apps (First released February 2017, last updated October 2017)

Magana jari ce

Ko kun san?

Hausa Psychology Facts

Hausa Psychology Facts (Slide)

English to Hausa Android Apps (First released August 2016, last updated 7 August 2018)

English to Hausa and Hausa to English Dictionaries (Online Edition)

English Hausa Kamus (Offline Edition)

Vocabulary wordlist 100 Kb

Parts of speech 100 Kb

Letter Writing 100 Kb

Tenses 100 Kb

Irregular Verbs 100 Kb

English Apps

Nigerian Constitution

Windows mobile apps (last updated 2016)

Vocabulary wordlist 100 Kb

Irregular verbs 100 Kb

Islamic Hausa Android Apps (first released 2013, last updated April 2017)

Hausa Quran translation

Arba'una Hadis Hausa 100 Kb

Fassaran Littafin Ahlari 100 Kb

Juzz amma Hausa Qur'an Translation

Calculators Apps For Android (First released January 2017. Last updated February 2017.)

Simple Calculator

Advanced Calculator

Simple Sicientific Calculator

Advance Scientific Calculator

LCM Calculator

HCF Calculator

Coeffecient of Variance Calculator

Prime Number Calculator

Converters Apps for Android (First released January 2017. Last updated February 2017)

Number to Word Converter

Number to Roman Number Converter

Roman Number To number Converter

Country to Currency Converter

Country to Language Converter

Java apps (last updated 2013)

Hausa and English Quran Translation

Juzz Amma Hausa

Scientific Calculator

Clocks Android apps. (first released January 2017. Last updated February 2017)

World Digital and Analog Clock

Stop Watch

Other Android Apps


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