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Definition of alternatively in Hausa


adverb /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪvli/ ana anfani dashi domin nuna cewa idan abu bai samu yiwuwa a wani yanayi ba, to zaku iya jaraba wata hanyar.

Example of alternatively in a sentence
The book already compiled as an eBook for download, alternatively, you can recompiled and upload your own eBook. an riga an rubuta littafin a matsayin wanda za'a yi download nashi a na'ura; amma idan hakan bai yi maka ba zaka iya rubuta naka sannan ka ɗaura shi a duniyar gizo.

Only people with national id card can open bank account  - alternatively, you can used voters card if don't have national id card yet. mutane masu katin ɗan ƙasa ne kawai zasu buɗe asusun ajiya a banki,  amma zaka iya yin anfani da katin zaɓe idan baka da katin ɗan ƙasa.

The food can be cook with meat, or alternatively fish. za'a iya dafa abincin da nama, ko kuma da kifi.

Your phone number is required. Alternatively you can give your email address. ana buƙatar lambar wayarka, ko kuma zaka iya bada imel ɗinka.

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