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    Kamus na Turanci da Hausa

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    Definition of Jigawa in Hausa

    wata jiha dake arewa maso yammacin tarayyar Naijeriya wacce take nufin 'ƙabari'; itace ake yiwa laƙabi da 'The new world' (wato sabuwar duniya) wacce aka ƙirƙiro da ita daga cikin jihar Kano a shekara ta alif ɗari tara da casa'in da ɗaya.

    Example of Jigawa in a sentence
    Jihar Jigawa tana da yawan jama'an da suka kai 4988888 (wato miliyan huɗu da dubu ɗari tara da dubu tamanin da takwas da ɗari takwas da tamanin da takwas), a bisa ƙidayan shekara ta dubu biyu da shida. Kuma alƙaluma sun nuna cewa itace jihar da tafi yawan matalauta a Naijeriya; inda aka ƙiyasta iya tsawan shekarun da mutane suke yi a raye a wannan jihar a matsayin shekaru hamsin da biyar.

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    © Copyright 2014-2018 Shamsuddeen Inc. all right reserved